Lily's Fifth 4th Birthday Party
June 25, 2004

DSC02458 DSC02459 DSC02460
First order of business: sand angels! The closer Lily is to the camera, the bigger she smiles!
DSC02462 DSC02463 DSC02465
DSC02466 DSC02467 DSC02469
Second order of business: wrasslin! Ian shows off his freckles - and tickling moves! Lily flops!
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DSC02476 DSC02479 DSC02477
DSC02478 DSC02481 DSC02480
One of Lily's birthday presents: sand molds that make kid-sized hands and feet.
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DSC02486 DSC02489 DSC02494
DSC02495 DSC02497 DSC02498
Ian and the Firby twins make some castles, then Ian builds a "river" to the lake. The last time I saw these girls they were maybe 1. Now I know why my parents say they feel old when I visit. Jeeze!
DSC02487 DSC02492 DSC02493
The first test run is successful.
DSC02500 DSC02502 DSC02503
We'd been playing for about an hour. Lily came and sat next to me. "I wanna be with YOU", she whispered. Then she led me exploring to the far side of the lifeguard's chair... what an adventure! 
DSC02506 DSC02508 DSC02511
More tests and heavy construction. Second and third trials of the river successful!
DSC02512 DSC02513 DSC02514
For the last shot, I had help. I aimed, Lily shouted the kid's name. He was so startled, he cried! 
DSC02519 DSC02520 DSC02526
DSC02522 DSC02525 DSC02532
DSC02531 DSC02530 DSC02521
For this series I asked the girls to make silly faces and bury my feet. Both goals artfully achieved! 
DSC02516 DSC02517 DSC02533
DSC02534 DSC02536 DSC02537
Here we are at Lily's best birthday present: the giant sand hole. It was filled with brackish water; she desperately wanted us to jump in. Lily delighted in walking around this hole right on the edge, because it was "scary"; said she liked the hole because it was big. We visited several times - which she called "checking in with the hole". Looking into it she said "It's mine!" and grinned wide.
DSC02538 DSC02539 DSC02540
DSC02541 DSC02542 DSC02544
WarioWare makes a splash with Ian and friends... as do the party favor bubbles! 

What a fabulous time! Thanks to Robin and Roshanna for organizing such a great afternoon!