Cozy in LA
December, 2007


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Upon my return from Australia - Espresso Machine from Santa!

Bikes taking over the house!

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 Flowers in full bloom!


But at least people are set up for the holidays!


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Holiday Party w/Santa Monica crew.

I live here now!

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 With DC in Europe, my camera was my date.


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 Warehouse light made for some so so shots...



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Experimenting with winter veggies and meat alternatives..

Night 1: Fresh roasted beets and Haloumi cheese (sheeps milk cheese from Greece that grills w/o melting!!)



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 Night 2: Fennel, greens and Grapefruit salad...

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 ... with more Haloumi and butter-baked acorn squash on the side.

Perfect for fall!!

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Night 3: DC's favorite Cookies (to celebrate safe returns)

More fennel salad (adding orange and mustard - a bit overwhelming, actually)

Ginger-tangerine stir-fry with peppers and pea pods.  


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 The Isomac - Revealed!!!

It has two gauges so you can tell exactly how much pressure is going through the grounds.

It also looks like a robot, which means it is even more awesome.

My goal in 2008: Learn to pull a "God Shot"!



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 Holiday dinner with Team HP, S&E, and friends!

Our contribution: Fennel Citrus and Cheese salad, now perfected!!



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 Mmmm, Souris' famous Chicken Katsu!!



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 HD Planet Earth = Mesmerizing



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 Shux, I miss Sabine!!