Games, Learning and Society

Wisconsin, June 2005


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 Monona Terrace in Madison - designed, in part, by Frank Lloyd Wright.


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Jesper and Eric play mic tug-of-war in their session.

Like the MDA workshop (which we ran the previous morning), this session used a paper game to set the stage for discussion about rules, design and games in the classroom. It really helps!

The more I use games in my lectures, the more I appreciate them as pedagogical tools.



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Post-conference, some of us hung out on the terrace at UW campus, drinking beer and eating popcorn. Weddings were a continual presence - troupes of girls in dresses and rubber flip-flops almost too numerous to count (and too distressing for this shoe lover). It was warm - but still!


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Dinner with Mel, Mon, Alex and Evelyn, some GLS folks... and a Gameboy SP!


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Later, at a local ice cream shop, games continued to promote socializing and discussion!


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Ev is, well... too cute for words!


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Alex is learning the strategy behind Tic-Tac-Toe. Just days earlier, we were discussing it in the "games for learning" context, as an example of how rules, bounded sets of activity, and so on. It's good to see how fun it can be for a child to explore that set of rules - to remember.


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Strawberry picking!


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The Mighty Hayseeds!


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There be dragons!!!
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Acrobats! Jugglers! Comedians!


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Their name? Men of Action!


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Is it bad that this made me want to play World of Warcraft?


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Belly Dancers!


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