GDC 2006



 Prepping for the Game Design Workshop.



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 Clint checking up on our lessons...



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 Another successful year - with plenty of great games and a ton of fantastic discussion. It is my favorite part of GDC.



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 Mmm, chicken pot pie with Alice and friends, at the Fairmont Grille.



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 Greg and Ryan's GH talk - awesome! Sony keynote... meh.




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 Experimental Gameplay Workshop!



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 Guitar Hero - Freestyle Demo






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Packed to capacity once again - 5 years running!

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 Jams Galore!


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 Jon's awesome game, Braid. Emotion through gameplay.

Best presentation at the conference, if you ask me.


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Topic of my rant:

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Duling banjos - Brain Age Style!



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 Game Design Challenge. I can't believe Will wore that tiara.







Sony Party + Battlebots!

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 Checker and Chaim prepare for their prototyping talk. I missed it, because it was so full!





My birthday cake - courtesy of Team HP!!!

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 Great week - over too soon. See you in '07!