Game Developers Conference

San Francisco, March 2005

dsc05052  dsc05054 dsc05053

Blurry was a theme this year.

Aaron took some blurry pictures of our posse at the Game Design Challenge.



dsc05055  dsc05058  dsc05057

Then I take some blurry pictures of the panelists and ringmaster, Eric.



dsc05061 dsc05066 dsc05068

Clint started with jokes. Peter showed some tech. Will joked the whole way through.

I guess I'm too serious - I think Clint should have won.



dsc05071 dsc05072 dsc05074

If nothing else, he earned the "most like a monkey" award with this pose. Though I may give an honarary monkey award to Daniel - captured here making rude gestures (yar)!

Rumiko gets a special thank-you for translating my correspondance with Keita!!



dsc05078 dsc05083 dsc05086

More of the IGDA lunch - where Shin-san won an award for his tireless efforts with the IGDA's Japanese chapter. His remarks were entertaining and dedicated as always. Congrats!




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Keita wins the Game Design award. I jumped up out of my seat when they announced his name, so happy! Alan shouted "That's yer boy, Robin!"


Keita - so tired after his long trip, simply smiled and said "Arigato". I missed his second trip to the stage while waiting in the green room to give my presentation. Two awards in one night - not too shabby!




Bright and early the next morning - giving a talk at 9 am!



 dsc05095  dsc05105  dsc05102

Keita's talk was really something. He explained how miraculous it was that Katamari Damacy was made - just a random stream of lucky breaks. The entire concept was prototyped by artists in training, in a special "class" at Namco. Without the students and the class - Katamari would not exist! 

Despite his humor, the talk tended towards the philosophical - adressing tensions between art and games, reality and the imaginary, seriousness and play. I made a longer review of the talk using some photos from Japan - see it here.

PS: He got a standing ovation. 



dsc05196  dsc05197 dsc05199

At the speaker party (as with the rest of the conference) Keita was mobbed. Jamil actually bought him a knit katamari cap - you can see it tied to his bag. Turns out I look just as dorky in his hat as in my own. Go figure!

He told Yukiko (seen here translating for him) that he felt like he was in outer space. Exhausted, meeting so many fans, most of whom he could not understand!

Around 3 am I saw him leave the CMP party - still grinning, nearly asleep.