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Los Angeles: May 2005


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 ahh, gamers!


DSC05736 DSC05738 DSC05739

 morning exercise

DSC05741 DSC05742 DSC05743


DSC05752 DSC05753 DSC05756
DSC05760 DSC05762 DSC05764
 yes, that would be splendid!


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DSC05769 DSC05771  DSC05786

 trauma center



 DSC05794  DSC05782 DSC05811


DSC05796 DSC05797 DSC05798




DSC05799 DSC05795 DSC05803
DSC05804  DSC05807 DSC05806
DSC05809 DSC05801 DSC05810


DSC05815 DSC05817 DSC05820

new game (pin the title on the shooter) stumps warren and dc


teen titan



 DSC05832  DSC05827 DSC05834


 DSC05828  the bar got stuck! DSC05831


DSC05835 DSC05837 DSC05840



DSC05843 DSC05845 DSC05848



DSC05850 DSC05851 DSC05852




DSC05853 DSC05854  DSC05858




DSC05856 DSC05861 DSC05862




 DSC05865  DSC05866 DSC05867
 DSC05868  DSC05869 DSC05870
DSC05872 DSC05873 DSC05874
DSC05875 DSC05876 DSC05877

not much else to see here...



DSC05879  DSC05883 DSC05885



 check out the babe!


 DSC05889  DSC05901  DSC05904



DSC05910  DSC05911  DSC05912
 DSC05914  DSC05915 DSC05913

i left my heart on katamari!


DSC05919 DSC05917 DSC05924

on the left: me in 50  years



DSC05928  DSC05936 DSC05937




 DSC05939  DSC05941  DSC05940

krev, nintendogs and electroplankton made people giggle!



 DSC05943  DSC05944  DSC05945

geist made me yawn.




odama made me confused



 DSC05950  DSC05951  DSC05952
 DSC05954 DSC05956 DSC05957

 getting up made me sad. so much fighting, so little art!


DSC05960 DSC05961 DSC05962
DSC05964 DSC05965 DSC05966

saved by our little friend, once again.


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