E3: Games/Tech
Stage Debut
debuts again

DSC00001 DSC00002

Stage Debut debuted (sorry)  at last year's Nintendo booth, as a demo evolved from N64's "Talent Maker" GBA camera game. 

You sat still,  they took your picture, and voila! Your face was there, attached to  the body of a dancing Nintendo character.

DSC00059 DSC00060 DSC00062

 Not much has changed since last year. Still can't play it - just let the guy take your picture and watch it go. 

And yet, I find the demo completely fascinating.

 Perhaps this is because I get to see my face plastered onto giant-head, low-poly models?

DSC00064 DSC00065 DSC00066
DSC00068 DSC00069 DSC00070

First, you make a nice, pretty smile. There is a minute or so of fiddling and loading. 

While you wait, you see some clips of giant-head Japanese men in schoolyard settings... and... ducks, and stuff.

DSC00072 DSC00077 DSC00078

Your giant-head model appears on stage, Adam/Eve style!
You're asked a bunch of silly questions. 


DSC00079 DSC00080 DSC00082

Then... into the womb-machine! What will you be??


DSC00083 DSC00084 DSC00086

Cruel Nintendo gods!! I answer truthfully, and find that I am branded....a GOLFER!!  Maybe it was the face I made?

DSC00087 DSC00088 DSC00089

Sure, it looks like I wet my pants (or worse). But at least I can still dance!!

DSC00090 DSC00092 DSC00093
DSC00094 DSC00098 DSC00102

By the time I leave Stage Debut's tiny demo station, there are at least 3 people waiting to be snapped.


Will we have to wait till next year to get our hands on this little gem? Pray to the Nintendo gods and perhaps it will ship!?!