E3:Sony Party:Foo Fighters back

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Halfway through the show, a bold audience member requested "Smells Like Teen Spirit", to which Dave

replied "You know what smells like teen spirit?!" ... After some negotiation, the bold dude (Brady)

got on stage & got the Led out. It was one of the funniest fan/performer exchanges I've ever seen.

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Sadly, Brady was not exactly an axe master. A few shredded chords, and Dave asked for his guitar back,

saying "I'm not sure if I made your night, or ruined your life." For his trouble, Brady got a Crown and Coke.

The rest of us were treated to a LZ-inspired rock-n-roll thrash-out that shook eardrums and rattled ribcages.

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Eventually, Dave called last song. I shouted "Everlong!"

"No" he said, "we're not playing that, either."                                        

And then, they did :)