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Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand
from Konami

Boktai comes to us from Metal Gear's creator - Hideo Kojima. The game cartridge has a built-in solar sensor which absorbs sunlight and integrates light and real world conditions into the adventure’s storyline. You have to set the clock at the beginning of the game, too - because time is also taken into account.

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The game follows Django, a vampire hunter who (of course) "must rid the world of evil demons". His is stronger by day, his foes stronger by night.  Django can destroy some demons with his “solar gun”, but others will require exposure to actual sunlight.

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Not only does this game look interesting and have a novel interface component - Konami's presentation of the gameplay concept was truly inspiring. A mix of cell-shaded cartoons, concept art and screen shots - this trailer was captivating. Of course, an on-the-floor demo would have been cool, too.... *sniff*

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"In Boktai, the amount of time that the player spends with the game in the sun will have a direct impact on the hero’s powers, the strength/weakness of the enemies and consequently, the overall outcome of the game."  Gamers with freckles? Could it really happen?

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DSC00030 Go! Go!  Kill those demons! DSC00090
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And don't forget to buy sunscreen!
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for more see: http://www.konami.com/boktai/