IE 2007
Australia, 2007

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 Round about Carleton




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 RMIT - last day of the conference.

I was too busy cogitating to snap pix mid-stream.



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 The city has strong "landmarking" - sculpture or painting on buildings that helps you navigate.

Art with a purpose!!


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 The school uniforms reminded me of hotel housekeeping...


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 Inside ACMI - museum celebrating the Moving Image...

Then outside with friends from the conference.

Lovely people!!


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Marclay exhibit - fluxus performance meets video art.

I snuck some pix because the textures were nice.



Mac store right outside - in case you are inspired!!


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 One of the coolest things about ACMI - the Games Lab.

Free to the public, you can play experimental works like Everyday Shooter.

Sadly, this space will go away in the new year.



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 Tired of your baby? Turn it in at the museum!