Melbourne Arrival
Australia, 2007

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 Flying from Sydney to Melbourne - fun to snap the landscape and fiddle with the new camera.


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Tricks of the lens, light and window glass. The world became a train-set miniature...


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 The Clocktower Hotel in Carlton.

These little apartments have laundry, kitchenette & access to shops - just perfect!!


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 Everyone was talking about the election.

New leadership... creepy posters!


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 RMIT Cathedral - many happy couples there on the Sunday that I arrived.

Photographers in tow, the were waiting in line for key locations!


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Ratt still tours!





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 Super diverse, super clean, super busy!

It is rated as one of the "most liveable" cities in the world.


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Saw my first "nip & tuck" on the street outside a cafe. 

It was scary and kind of sad. Did not really compute.



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  DSC_0955 =



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 Aids Day Concert - Hairspray.

I miss you, SF!


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 The light was stunning.


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 Final fun for the day - just south of my hotel in the "CBD"

(Central Business District)


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A nice, if tame crowd...


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 They were having SO MUCH FUN!

Everyone laughing and smiling - no matter what. Great energy!!


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 Carlton - lots of classic Victorian look homes from the early settlement of Perth.

Tin roofs on many of them - as was traditional then. Apparently it has come back in style.


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