Corcovado Jungle
December 2006

DSC03995 DSC04003 DSC04000

This day's trip took us 2 hours by boat into the depths of the Corcovado jungle.



DSC04004 DSC04006 DSC04013

It was *teeming* with life.



DSC04018 DSC04019 DSC04021

Bark of a "Tourist Tree". It photosynthesized via its bark... but sometimes gets sun burnt.



DSC04031 DSC04029 DSC04027

Monkey Comb flowers - which monkeys sometimes use for grooming.



DSC04023 DSC04038 DSC04039

Leaf Cutter ants, making one of a zillion trails across the forest floor.



DSC04046 DSC04049 DSC04048

A wild boar footprint - and a fellow in a found cap.



DSC04051 DSC04052 DSC04053




DSC04055 DSC04056 DSC04058




DSC04059 DSC04068 DSC04060








DSC04075 DSC04077 DSC04073

Map of the park at the ranger's station.

We were 8 hours from the next nearest human dwelling.



DSC04084  DSC04087  DSC04085

These monkeys got angry and threw branches at us.



 DSC04092  DSC04096  DSC04100




 DSC04115 DSC04110 DSC04112

These monkeys had a l'il baby...







DSC04124 DSC04125 DSC04126

These monkeys tried to pee on us. Howlers, they were stinky and loud!



DSC04129 DSC04130 DSC04131
DSC04133 DSC04134 DSC04137




DSC04141 DSC04142 DSC04144




DSC04147 DSC04149 DSC04148


Still angry. Look at that face!



DSC04152 DSC04162 DSC04157


I was only able to capture a few shots of butterflies despite seeing many.

These almost seemed to pose for me.



DSC04163 DSC04164 DSC04165




DSC04166 DSC04169 DSC04168




 DSC04170  DSC04174 DSC04175








DSC04183 DSC04185 DSC04187

The big brown lump on the right is a giant termite nest. They build them on healthy trees - go figure!

PS: if you are trapped in the jungle, without food - you can eat Termites. Apparently they taste like celery!



DSC04188 DSC04197 DSC04189




DSC04217 DSC04221 DSC04218








DSC04228 DSC04229 DSC04231

The beach at low tied revealed volcanic roots.

I have never seen anything like it.



DSC04232 DSC04234 DSC04233






Later that night - we went on the Bug Lady tour.



 DSC04240  DSC04245  DSC04247


The cricket in this photo has been eaten alive by the super creepy cordyceps mind-control fungus.

I am not sure I would voluntarily eat this stuff, but apparently it has medicinal uses.



 DSC04251  DSC04249  DSC04255




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