Cano Island
December 2006



On this beach, there were thousands of hermit crabs.

A times, it looked as if the entire beach was moving beneath your feet.



 DSC03914  DSC03916  DSC03917








DSC03919  DSC03920  DSC03921

This day's trip had 2 activities: A hike on the island (an ancient burial ground), and snorkeling!







 DSC03927  DSC03932 DSC03931




 DSC03934  DSC03941  DSC03945

Graves were marked with cooking stones, and contained gold. Many have been desecrated.



 DSC03946  DSC03947  DSC03950




 DSC03948  DSC03954 DSC03952

Compared to the jungle on the mainland, this place was relatively quiet. No monkeys, few birds.



 DSC03962  DSC03956 DSC03957

There were signs of some avian dining, however.



DSC03958  DSC03968 DSC03966

These stones are all over Costa Rica and parts of Central America.

No one knows how the indigenous folks got them so perfectly round... now what they mean.

The largest are over 2 meters in diameter.



 DSC03969  DSC03971  DSC03972

View of the mainland from a lookout.



 DSC03984 DSC03983 DSC03988

Night shot fun.



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