White Water
December 2006




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 This day started with a stop to see Giant Iguanas and a sloth (left top corner, leftmost photo)


 DSC03510  DSC03511  DSC03513




 DSC03523  DSC03518  DSC03519

Then class 4 rapids!



 DSC03525  DSC03527  DSC03524


Survived! Didn't even fall out of the raft once!




Hotel art that housekeeping made with our towels.

Swans were also featured, using found items from the room. 





 DSC03536  DSC03533  DSC03537







DSC03540 DSC03542 DSC03541



 DSC03545  DSC03553 DSC03547



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 DSC03552  DSC03559 DSC03558




 DSC03561  DSC03562  DSC03565







 DSC03569  DSC03568 DSC03571



Now... to walk back up those stairs... 





DSC03573 DSC03575 DSC03578




DSC03583 DSC03579 DSC03586

 Walk to view the volcano.

Sadly, too cloudy to see lava.

 DSC03592 DSC03591 DSC03593



DSC03597 DSC03609 DSC03598




DSC03610 DSC03614  DSC03612



DSC03616 DSC03620 DSC03621


 Did find a heart-shaped stump.


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