Convocation: University of Chicago
Kenny gets his "MASTERS!"
Friday the 13th - June, 2003
grey weather for the grey city
barbie twins yellow brick road that's information
grime of the mind foursquare, anyone? friends, romans, metra patrons
hard at work and enjoying it where are we going?
lab school athletic field: devoid of athletic children plato sat here as an undergrad bearded builings - another fine tradition
the chapel of .. unitarians? say cheese outta here!
my favorite lunch spot the old ryerson grad office the word's saddest fountain & boy - united at last
really - someone, please clean this thing more cheese gatekeepers
we're freezing for you, kenny this isn't the card I wanted... guess i should look it up in the program
i suppose... it's somewhere here in the program hey - can you look that up in the program? these stupid programs sure make great airplanes!
technical difficulties weather = good crowd control lola and her german handlers?
miami vice tired of those programs yet? i hope they spelled my name right...
old friends unattainable no photos, please
the loner so cool yet so alone
subtitles ooie! ooie! big up for kenny! it's all about the subtle details
pomp and circumstance
ma pa baby