The Boys of ECTS


How is it that nerds in the UK are so much cuter than nerds here in the States? I demand an explanation! If you are looking to meet that special gamer, forget about LA - 'cause London has cornered the market!!

DSC00002 DSC00003 DSC00004
DSC00005 DSC00006 DSC00007
DSC00012 serious, but kinda sexy DSC00010
DSC00016 DSC00027 Who wouldn't want to wake up to this smile?
DSC00019 DSC00014 DSC00017
DSC00018 I think he reads philosophy in his spare time... DSC00023
DSC00024 DSC00013 Think he's got an accent?
DSC00033 DSC00030 DSC00032
Why didn't I ask for his number?? DSC00035 DSC00036
DSC00043 DSC00039 DSC00044
DSC00040 DSC00037 Even JDR gets some competition in the UK!
not your average nerd
DSC00189 DSC00206 DSC00045
DSC00197 DSC00195 DSC00193
DSC00215 This guy was HUGE. DSC00211
DSC00214 DSC00213 Nice haircut!!!
DSC00216 DSC00217 DSC00220
DSC00225 Nokia beefcake DSC00201
DSC00227 Awwwww. DSC00230
DSC00236 DSC00237 DSC00238