Beautiful Losers @ YBCA
SF: July, 2004


   DSC02699   My hair matched the paint, the applesauce, and the mustard jars.
DSC02697  DSC02698  

First, fuel. Blintzes at David's Deli across from the Clift.

   DSC02701  This is the awesome guard who let me into the patio. I had a ticket - don't fire him if you are his boss and reading this. He just helped me skip the damn line and get to the free booze (and my friends). Go, mackin' guard dude.
 This art student took my pen to get an autograph from Shepard Fairey of Obey/Giant fame. He touched my pen! Aactually, she's  not a student anymore - she graduated. Now she does data entry.  DSC02704  
Then on to the Yerba Buena... to meet Souris and company.
Lulu and I recently had a discussion about padded bras and whether or not they were unsexy because they hide your nipples. I'm pro padding for certain occasions/effects... but I think Lulu is winning here, with the pink camisole and see-through cotton shirt. HOT! Silvio is so fucking cool. DSC02710

Then spent the evening playing with Ian's camera.


 Look at him - all still style, despite chaos.  It looks like the light is coming from his head in these photos. DSC02714
DSC02715 DSC02723 DSC02728


Shot a lot of beautiful losers...

DSC02729 DSC02730 DSC02738



DSC02744  DSC02746 I have no idea how I got this photo to look like this but it's my favorite from the show.


DSC02747  DSC02750  DSC02748


DSC02756 DSC02758  DSC02780
This is an animatronic spraypainter. There is another one, pictured further down. Fooled me, for sure - esp. from a distance. DSC02787   The heel of this girl's shoes kept geting caught in the stairs. Three times, men stopped on their way up past her to help ease her hele out of the metal grating, which kind of stunned me.


some with boards

 Silent auction of boards.  DSC02759 DSC02763


 DSC02764  DSC02766 DSC02768
 DSC02769  DSC02772  DSC02773
 DSC02775  DSC02776 DSC02778


some with hats...

 Hey kid - if you do check out this page, write me so I can put your name here. Never hurts (esp. when you look like this).  DSC02796 Giant bowl that I didn't get to see - line was hella long. You could see folks drop in, tho, from the back here.




DSC02790  DSC02798 DSC02794
DSC02803 DSC02804 DSC02805

 ...some with art.

DSC02806  DSC02811 DSC02809


DSC02810  DSC02813  DSC02808
 DSC02812  DSC02815   Second animatronic spraypainter. So ghastly looking! More pix of him in the full gallery (click and then hit the arrows).


 Alan kept asking me if I'd seen bigger. DSC02826 DSC02827



 DSC02831  I think this photo epitomizes the "Beautiful Losers" concept. Look at those guys!!  


Muchas gracias to Souris for the heads up and invite!