MySims Kiosk @ Lalaport Mall
Giant Costumes - September 2007


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 Lalaport Mall is in the south east of Tokyo...


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 ...we took two trains across town to get there.


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We arrived just around 5:00 on  Sunday


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Even at this time, the MySims display was packed with kids!


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Gino was a huge draw - they loved to kiss and cuddle him...


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 ... most of them, that is!


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 Parents also stopped to say hi & smile...


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 Some quietly watched while others were very hands-on.


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 When Gino tried to take a break - the kids followed him, pied piper style!


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  Here is a girl building her house & then painting it...


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 This girl waited for a long time to play...


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 Create-a-Sim was a new experience for these kids...


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After finishing his character, the boy was super animated & happy...



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 The outdoor part of the mall is a big playground...


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 Back inside,  Gino returned...


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 He was pretty much mobbed the entire time.


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 This boy stayed at the kiosk for a long time, too...


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 Everyone wanted photos and hugs!


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 Even the teens stopped for a handshake and smile!



 These girls stared at Gino for 2 minutes...


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 Super huge thanks to EAJ staff for organizing & running the event!! Sugoi!!!




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Time to head home!