Tokyo Game Show

September 2006




Ahh... concrete.



 DSC00891  DSC00894 DSC00892

KiraKira Music Hour was fun - once you got to play it.

The 3 minutes of text at the front end of the demo was... less than charming.


 DSC00898  DSC00900  DSC00948

Seaman2 was ... appropriately inexplicable.



 DSC00905  DSC00908  DSC00907

PS3 was looking pretty hairy.

Super aliased backgrounds in many games due to fill rate issues.



 DSC00912  DSC00919  DSC00920

Despite said problems, Julian's game (Lair) was pretty nice to look at.

Gundham... not so much.



 DSC00921  DSC00923  DSC00922

To Whom It May Concern: I want one of these. Badly.





New crate physics demo in Heavenly Sword.

Ok, that's a lie.

But if you had such rave reviews at E3, would you bother showing new stuff? I wouldn't!



DSC00928 DSC00929 DSC00926

Kelley and Jenova's production of FLOW (for PS3 download) hidden away in the back corner of the floor.

"Very Zen," said Tim. "It reminds me of Spore's cell game."



DSC00932 DSC00935 DSC00936

Cute graphics in an RPG called Trusty Bell.

An illustrated and cozy storybook look.



DSC00937 DSC00942 DSC00941

Look! One more to go and Winning Eleven will be tied!




DSC00954 DSC00947  DSC00956

Turbine, educating TGS showgoers on RPG classes (huh?)... in English. With English slides. Inexplicably.


PS: Fishing game peripheral - not so great.



 DSC00904  DSC00958 DSC00957

Papermanam: a paper-look multiplayer shooter that's... really just a standard 3D shooter with flat characters.


 DSC00959 DSC00962  DSC00961

The design and costuming aspects were certainly cute.

And who knows... perhaps this window dressing on conventional shooter gameplay will engage the Japanese audience.



But I couldn't help dreaming about the cool mechanics that paper characters afford. Sigh.




DSC00967  DSC00966 DSC00968

Despite the strange-sounding name of PuppyOn (an online chat game where avatars have a pet companion) the art style was quite nifty.

A little less illustrative than the Trusty Bell look, but similarly storybook inspired.




 DSC00970  DSC00973  DSC00972

And then there was Viva Pinata.,,




I really want to believe that this game will open up a new, kid-friendly market on the Xbox platform.



DSC00975 DSC00976 DSC00977

But that is hard to believe - especially given how difficult it is to control.

It felt slow and tedious. Even when you smash pinatas! How is that possible?




DSC00981 DSC00983  DSC00982

Check out the loner goth gal!

"Soooo depressing to be surrounded by all these perky pink-haired wonders!"




DSC00984 DSC00985 DSC00986

Time to go home!




DSC00993 DSC00995 DSC00996





DSC01003 DSC01004 DSC01005

Eventually, we headed back to Shibyua to meet up with Keita and Fumito for dinner.

Nick and I got lost 3 times before agreeing to meet "In the Mouth of Hachiko"



DSC01008 DSC01009 DSC01013

I took pictures from the same spot, turning in a circle... to avoid getting lost again.



DSC01014 DSC01015 DSC01016
DSC01018  DSC01017 DSC01019

Dinner outside, in a cool breeze - a rarity in Shibuya.

Everything was wonderful - even the natto!





DSC01028 DSC01029 DSC01030



Time to dream.