Arriving in Tokyo

September 2006



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 Due to a slight miscommunication, I spent my first Tokyo night in the Ebisu Westin.



It is a beautiful hotel, and the garden plaza nearby is also gorgeous.



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Alan took us to a great ramen place for dinner.




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From the flavor of the rich broth, to the service and the decor... it was the little things that stood out.





DSC00744  DSC00745 DSC00746

Baskets nearby so your purse doesn't get nasty on the floor.


 DSC00748  DSC00749  DSC00751

It's this unrelenting attention to detail that I miss when I return to the states.





Back at the Westin:Tokyo Tower and the Rainbow Bridge, from the 15th floor.




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I didn't miss the Cerulean's Shibuya view as much as I thought I would.






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Hazy but cool in the morning. There is a lovely breeze off of the park in this part of town.



 DSC00785  DSC00788  DSC00789

I went out early and enjoyed the plaza's trees and fountains as sleepy commuters walked to work in the surrounding buildings.




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If you are ever in this hotel - walk to the Saint Germain pastry shop just at the entry to the plaza.

The almond croissants are unbelievable.