Heading to Kyoto

September 2006



DSC01172  Morning - time to go to Kyoto! DSC01173




DSC01174  DSC01175  DSC01176

First - a trip to Omotesando to get some last minute gifts.

Kiddyland's kid gambling stations (Tamagotchi beat-matching games that dispense cards) are open and busy.



 DSC01177  DSC01178  DSC01180

 Game memes everywhere!


 DSC01181  DSC01182  DSC01183

Waiting for the store to open so I can buy the cutest purse in the universe...

 (Tokidoki Exclusive for LeSportsac)



Then a short (far) ride on the Shinkansen!


 DSC01278  DSC01282  DSC01281

Kyoto - no tall buildings!



DSC01283 DSC01284 DSC01285

Rice growing in someone's yard.



DSC01286  DSC01289  DSC01287

Heading to dinner at Herai-san's - yay!



 DSC01290  DSC01291  DSC01292

Best sashimi I've ever had. So good it felt like we were breaking the law to eat it.

Counter-clockwise from bottom: toro, chutoro and a seared otoro.

Followed by tender beef in sweet broth with potato and noodles



 DSC01293  DSC01294  DSC01295

Salad (which I ate too much of) with fresh tomatos and cucumbers.

Later, delicious Matsutake and Sharp-toothed eel soup with lime...



 DSC01299  DSC01302  DSC01304

Sanma (similar to Mackerel), served traditionally grilled.



 DSC01305 DSC01306  DSC01307

Frid rice course with clam miso soup... followed by dessert.

Pastry... and the world's most delicious grapes. Even bigger than the ones we bought in Tokyo!



DSC01309  DSC01308  DSC01315

Fat and happy like GIANT GRAPES!



DSC01310 DSC01317  DSC01325

And of course, some sake!

 Time to go see Kyoto at night!