What's not to love about Austin?
September, 2004



Amusements at the airport (in case you forgot your GameBoy).


DSC02990 DSC02994 DSC02995
 DSC02999  DSC02997 DSC02998

Cucumber-infused gin at DeVille, with devil-Brian, suave-Alex and others.


DSC03048  DSC03050  DSC03054

Nightly welcoming committee. Extra points for fluffiness and loud purring/snuffling.


 DSC03064  DSC03065 DSC03068
 DSC03056 Modern Conveniences...  DSC03084


DSC03072 DSC03073 DSC03078
DSC03079 DSC03080 DSC03083

Beautiful Views!


 DSC03063 DSC03085 DSC03057