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breadcrumbs 2005

5 | 01 | 05

"Well, it's the problem of the medium, isn't it. The fact that gameplay, the feel of the character, & art direction mostly have nothing to do with one another, because they're all being developed at the same time in different offices on an impossible schedule. Arg. This is why I'm not doing games seriously again until it's a small team and everyone gets what we're doing.


5 | 03 | 05

"For big laffs, put the word "Anal" in front of any name of an SUV.

    Anal Explorer
    Anal Probe
    Anal TrailBlazer
    Anal Discovery
    Anal Navigator
    Anal Avalanche
    Anal Cayenne (owwwww!)
    Anal Sequoia (owwwwwwwwwwwwww!!)
    Anal Rendezvous
    Anal Frontier
etc. etc.

(I was Googling for something else when I came across this suggestion.)"

5 | 05 | 05

I, too, like sauerkraut and cheez doodles and beanie weenies.
But I draw the line at scrapple.

"More for me," says Mini-Godzilla. "And pass the fried ravioli, please."

5 | 10 | 05

"Better than that, a bottle. And scratch the wine, I'm drinking vodka. And I'm doing it in the hot tub. None of the worlds problems, or mine, can reach me in the hot tub. At 106 degrees, all is right with the world."

5 | 11 | 05

"I was aiming to consume as much alcohol on the company dime as possible in an attempt to drink the monetary equivalent of all the unpaid overtime I've worked in the past year and a half."

5 | 12 | 05

"Maybe I'll watch the MTV thing now?

Screw it! I'm going to play Psychonauts!"

5 | 13 | 05

"He's number three!"

5 | 24 | 05

"P.S. Keiji Haino gave a four hour solo performance on a stage filled with 40 different musical instruments. At the Q&A session the next day, I asked, through a translator, if he could give us some sense of the Japanese words he sang. This was his answer:

"If you want to pray, you must continue to curse. Accept the darkness."

5 | 30 | 05

we just had a barbecue; once you're out here,
we'll have another! :)