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breadcrumbs 2005

6 | 07 | 05

"Projector AI - Using artificial intelligence, Panasonic projectors monitors the video stream and automatically adjusts the lamps brightness to optimize on-screen imaging. For darker scenes, it automatically lowers the brightness to produce deeper blacks and make light areas stand out. This greatly improves overall image quality and is why all Panasonic projectors are ideal for just about every venue from boardroom to family room."

6 | 08 | 05

"Did Chris really say this?

I offer myself as a warning of the idea of the Renaissance Man. Being a half-assed artist and half-assed programmer doesn't make me a Renaissance Man - it makes me a complete ass!"

6 | 09 | 05

"right now i am so pumped on whatever the fuck it is your body produces when you do shit like that to it that i want to just run out into the street screaming hyperactively

swinging my limbs around at random like i'm having a seizure

pick a small car up over my head

and heave it through a store window

and then run off screaming