you are what you read

breadcrumbs 2005

1 | 03 | 05

"Q: How do the K.D. Police tell whether a missing bird flew away or was run over by a katamari?

A: They dust for Prince."

1 | 11 | 05

"In the cel-shaded game, you take the role of Harman Smith, an elderly
wheelchair-bound assassin who can switch between his seven multiple
personalities to eliminate his targets.

>> Maybe each personality has a different "kit"
>> for the wheelchair (like hot-rods)...
>> like one has a grappling hook in the arm,
>> another has fuzzy dice (distracting to the ladies)...
>> Hrm. Probably not.

> The level design must be totally hilarious.
> Like, everything's going to look like a human factors wet dream...
> shallow ramps everywhere... extra wide hallways...

All crates are 100% ADA-compliant."

1 | 15 | 05

"Sadly, my other girl is a Word document

...that no one will read."

1 | 31 | 05

"i don't mind bleeding all over myself, 'cuz fuck it."