you are what you read

breadcrumbs 2005

2 | 01 | 05

"Where we must go on our next trip to Austria."

2 | 07 | 05

"The new videogame we're working on will be out this Christmas and it will make you SICK TO YOUR STOMACH. I can't reveal much right now, but be prepared for an interactive experience that will PLAY YOU."

2 | 08 | 05

"I think cubeless is the worst thing I've ever been called. But I like knowing that I can word-murder people."

2 | 15 | 05

"You may be singledhandedly responsible for my purchasing a PS2 strictly for the reason of playing one game. Stay tuned."

2 | 22 | 05

"That's why you gotta have the screen flash red and the big arrow that points to the guy who shot you and the "ow, i'm going to die" sound effect and the third person model that starts bleeding from its anus."

2 | 23 | 05

"I was looking at Ereck's books just now and was reminded of when he was taking a seminar on Spinoza. Mihir came to visit at the time, and he dropped a bomb as earthshaking, it seems to me, as "Beethoven--so bombastic, man."

He said, "So how is Spinoza? Readable?"

We still laugh about that one."