you are what you read

breadcrumbs 2005

4 | 01 | 05

"How long will 30 more tests take?
Did you finish your SIGCHI paper?
You're so busy!"

4 | 04 | 05

"let the feeding frenzy begin!"

4 | 05 | 05

"You have a fun head.
Of course,
I do have my head
as fun as yours."

4 | 07 | 05

"This is not a store. It's a private home."

4 | 11 | 05

"Can't touch this."

4 | 12 | 05

"(a) I've decided to start speaking in broken sentences and combine things with unexpected combinations of adjectives.

Yes, this way my speaking will be ELOQUENT and JUICY.

(b) the phrase from the Virgo constellation level, "We must hurry, or the maidens will grow bored!" will now be my catch phrase when bar hopping. Married or not, it begs saying. It is a sentence both WISE and SCENTED.

Back to star #9."

4 | 15 | 05

"p.s. In line buying the neti pot I was behind John Malkovich. No joke.

He looks bad -as in disproportionately-fat-ass bad. He was wearing some sort of native american leather purse over his jacket and he paid by pulling out a wad of what must have been a hundred pristine twenties. He looked really kind of fucked up and skittish, so I didn't say anything. But as he left the person behind me called out "John!" and he just sort of shook his had and hurried out.

Just another reminder that fame is not enough!"

4 | 18 | 05

"At least by playing WoW I *know* what I'm wasting my time on."

4 | 19 | 05

>> Hahahaha people are dumbasses!
>> I want to go in the middle of the night
>> and spraypaint devil horns and a tail on it.

> The only people who are dumbasses are nonbelievers!
> Of course the virgin hangs out underneath the expressway
> and leaves a salty residue of herself there
> to attract only the really faithful,
> including this Jew.

When I was a virgin I used to leave a lot of salty residues
and nobody was attracted to them...


4 | 25 | 05

Where'd your hair go? Are you hiding it? :)

4 | 26 | 05

"This has been a weird spring so far, not bad just weird.
I think the moon is aligned strangely or something."

4 | 28 | 05

"Sure, it's worth it, but the worth that you attach comes some time after the embers have cooled. I suppose it can be a constant assesment."