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breadcrumbs 2004

3 | 01 | 04

"so i drove home pissed and found my neighbors had left their trash can in the middle of my parking space so i swore at them and just rammed it out of the way with my car.

and then i got your email and now i feel like a hundred times better!"

3 | 02 | 04

"who said it was for the pooty?
muhahahahahahahahaha! "

3 | 03 | 04

"From the NYT today. I love the ending.

    At another point, Justice Stephen G. Breyer asked for specific examples of Web sites that were not pornographic but could run afoul of the law's prohibitions. Justice Breyer said that he looked at examples provided by the American Civil Liberties Union in its legal brief and could not find one that fell that into that middle ground.

    Ann Beeson, a lawyer for the civil liberties union, cited examples that included "lesbian and gay pleasure" and "the pleasure of sex outdoors," and the works of a sex columnist, Susie Bright. But the discussion moved on without growing more explicit, and decorum was preserved."

3 | 04 | 04

"Nice Scowl"

3 | 05 | 04

"Text size changed.
Let it not be said that I don't take feedback.

If only it were always so easy to fix the problem
when girls say it's too big...."

3 | 06 | 04

"Brian just got back from Cleveland and leaves for Toronto tomorrow.
My children do a lot of traveling."

3 | 07 | 04

"We need to stretch people's concept of "game" into something larger - I suppose it's difficult when you call them games, it's like convincing people the Green party is more than just an environmental agenda.."

3 | 08 | 04

"Woken up 3 hours later by bum (I hadn't remembered to lock the car doors either) asking for a ride. That's where things got interesting..."

3 | 09 | 04

"She brought a juicer and a yoga mat and I said "you practice yoga?" and she said "No, but I pretend like I do."

3 | 10 | 04

"I hear gay weddings are a go in SF.
how about you and me rendezvous after GDC?"

3 | 11 | 04

bon anniversaire a tu....
happy birthday dear RO-BIN....

you smell like pee in a zoo"

3 | 12 | 04

"who flew out from chicago for the sole purpose of attending *my* birthday party in austin? and who else will not be in chicago this coming monday? am i right, or what?"

3 | 13 | 04

" Besides, if you wore a skinny tie and stylish hat, it would be seen as a fashion statement. If I did it, it would be seen as an early sign of dementia."

3 | 14 | 04

"and happy birthday (okay Orkut reminded me :) )"

3 | 15 | 04

"Don't worry, baby, you still have 2 or maybe even 3 good years


3 | 31 | 04

"Why didn't we think of this?"

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