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breadcrumbs 2004

6 | 01 | 04

"Which to you describes the better relationship?

a) conventional

b) chaotic"

6 | 02 | 04

"I'm reminded of my idea four years ago to disrupt a Ralph Nader rally here by carrying a sign with a picture of a Corvair in a womb and the caption "STOP THE KILLING."

6 | 03 | 04

"Remember to smile and be confident, I just want you to be happy. Whatever happens, this is another punch on your ticket. I am sorry for being such a horrible, horrible brother. It's my parents fault."

6 | 04 | 04

It is better to be creative than accurate.

6 | 05 | 04

"I have a feeling this will be a Chicago summer to remember."

6 | 06 | 04

Ok -- so -- seems the headset microphone for Karaoke Revolution can be positioned in the sound hole of an acoustic guitar -- making the game much harder on the easy level -- on the plus side, I hit the notes dead on.

6 | 07 | 04

"There's no law that says we can't!"

6 | 18 | 04

"Robin> going to japan town in SF today - want anything?

Can you bring me a couple of cute Japanese goth boys
who are into threesomes?"

6 | 19 | 04

"Remind me to tell you sometime what the auto-on firewall and NX flag in XPSP2 does to tons of games, and how some of our managers wanted to kill this one kernel dev who was insisting that we continue to support DirectPlay 1.0 (a product used by about 5 games on the planet) in Longhorn, just because he liked to play Microsoft Soccer 95!!"

6 | 20 | 04

"Oh, you have to see the motion of it.
You will scream to see how adorable it is."

6 | 21 | 04

"did you send a father's day card?"

6 | 22 | 04

"colourquiz was frighteningly accurate - even on a bloke"

6 | 23 | 04

"After reading this I can't help wondering - Am I sending this to you guys in order to postpone a more important task?

6 | 24 | 04

"i feel like that kid who realizes that his parents don't really know everything."

6 | 25 | 04

"Anyone want to go to Ozzfest at the Tweeter Center on Saturday, August 21st? Slayer! Black Sabbath original lineup! Judas Priest original lineup! 17 other bands! No cameras allowed! See and hear western civilization come crashing down around you!"

6 | 27 | 04

"luckily my neighborhood is full of hot lesbians, since the office certainly isn't."

6 | 28 | 04

"Sonic youth is playing at the Vic on 7/29.

Anyone interested? Tickets are $25, all the proceeds of which will go towards matching oxygen tanks and prescription co-pays for the band."

6 | 29 | 04

"The small circle on the right side [of the stormtrooper helmet] is part of the artificial air intake system. The bulge on the lower right side holds an air processing unit. The circle on the left side is the used air exhaust, and the left side bulge holds the atmospheric cycling unit.

Source: "Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary", page 37."

6 | 30 | 04

The best part is how the balloon fetish world, so to speak, seems to be divided into two camps: pro-popping and anti-popping. That's so... logical. Of course!

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