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9 | 01 | 03

You tired, or sick? Or both?

9 | 02 | 03

Games suffer from 'geek stereotype'. Video game makers need to make their products more fun if they are to appeal to a wide audience, say experts

9 | 03 | 03

no he has become quite comfortable with the doggie door

9 | 04 | 03

I dreamed a widescreen epic last night. Sometimes I was directly in the movie (although not participating, just there), sometimes I was in my seat in the theater watching. It was about a mad general leading an army east through Russia towards a confrontation with a (never-seen) Asiatic, Genghis Khan-like figure. The film combined elements of Eisenstein's "Ivan the Terrible", "Doctor Zhivago" (particularly the colors, it had specifically early-sixties colors), "Patton", and Kubrick's unmade film project about Napoleon (which has a kind of reality in my mind's eye, enough to dream about). In fact, the general looked a lot like a much taller Kubrick -- also a little like Pavarotti. He was always shot from a low angle, and the camera would follow him as he stormed around being autocratic. There was a confusion in the dream about whether the general was the star of the film, or the famous director of the film, or both.

9 | 05 | 03

I guess the "herding cats" aspect of the IGDA is in fact axiomatic.

9 | 06 | 03

Blues Brothers

9 | 07 | 03

but that's because Microsoft made me cry a lot

9 | 08 | 03

I get to act out of anxiety and he gets to be pulled out of his habit of hoarding and resenting;

9 | 09 | 03

yeah! NYC in OCT? then we can give you a tour of our ghetto ops!

9 | 10 | 03

I was like, put your dick away, fat boy.

9 | 11 | 03

PLUS, he completely misquotes me and makes me look like an idiot, without any proper attribution. Ah well.

9 | 12 | 03

I'd observe that false hope is the coin in trade for AI, game developers, CEOs and the US Government, and that the people who generate it are called "Leaders" - so get out there and LEAD!

9 | 13 | 03

moving luggage, rescuing Doug from Narita airport and visiting the conference could be overwhelming

9 | 15 | 03

Please get healthy

9 | 16 | 03

Do they need anyone to kick ass at Galaga? I guess I also dominate DDR- that's still kinda cool, right? Right?!

9 | 17 | 03

the "railing against X while providing no alternatives" has just got to go.

9 | 18 | 03

I definitely think game developers are headed for prolesville. In fact, the many actual working, non-Editorial Board of Fancy Pants developers I know are ALREADY THERE. They work longer hours than anyone I know, and though they claim to (and probably actually do, kinda) like the types of environments they're in, there's more than a touch of Aesop-style irony about their really being forced to live in the lightless, almost woman-less, snack filled gameroom of their dreams.

9 | 19 | 03

No can do, my mom's taking me patio furniture shopping...

9 | 22 | 03

how'd that happen, swifty?

9 | 23 | 03

Now I'm starting to ramble, and I've probably gushed too much as usual, but that's what's going on in the Dept of Love and Bullshit (joint studies).

9 | 24 | 03

you want me to bring all my crap to the party, huh, and Wander around in full nomadic mode?

9 | 25 | 03

In return I have my life back, tho not quite in the shape I left it in.

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