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6 | 01 | 03

Oh, imagine the things you could do with a 32 node cluster of PS2's!

6 | 02 | 03

But yes, before I moved here and became car-less I spent my UVA years sweating, grunting, and cursing behind the wheel of many a stubborn bus.

6 | 03 | 03

The third bit that struck me saw one of the mainstays of the Austin experimental scene coming out of a side room with a brightly-colored ribbon [attached to the inside of the room] pulling out of his body as he stumbled through the audience, apparently going mad as he listened to sounds coming from his palms. He would make his way to random members of the audience place is hands over their ears for a few seconds and then move on. It was frightening, since the only light on him was from a flashlight. As he moved down the aisle, I had a feeling he'd be coming to me...and I was right. I'm not sure of the intent of the piece, exactly, but I certainly had a reaction. My heart raced as he came to me and afterward. When he placed his hand on my ear, I heard something...I'm not sure what. But I'm certain it would've driven me mad, too.

6 | 04 | 03

p.s. anyone with any GPS equipment you want to let us borrow? i fear the heavy tech kids we'll be racing against will be armed to the max.

6 | 05 | 03

I think love is like a Brazillian bikini wax for the heart. It hurts like hell, it is tearing things out that are supposed to be there (like dignity, confidence, healthy self-loathing), you have to get into really awkward positions for it to be successful, and it leaves you feeling like an 11-year-old girl.

6 | 06 | 03

well, everyone tries in their own way to do the right thing, though, luckily, people are such a mess that they CANT POSSIBLY SUCCEED,
no matter how hard they try.

6 | 07 | 03

I used to love Merlin -- when I was 7 or 8 if I went over to someone's house and they had Merlin, I'd play with it instead of them, and if I knew someone had Merlin, and try to figure out how to get them to invite me over...

6 | 08 | 03

My dissertation is supposed to solve all problems and close the field. After that I have to move into something new and exciting - hypertext fiction?

6 | 09 | 03

this internet thing just keeps on disappointing me

6 | 10 | 03

Friendster is simultaneously fascinating and irritating. It is weird to see people distill themselves down to a succinct list of keywords, and unnerving to note how similar some entries are to how I'd describe myself. I don't want to be just another hip, sensitive, ethnic-food-aware urban two bit dj compensating with a fancy haircut.

6 | 11 | 03

Unfortunately for me, the quarter is still not over yet. Much grading to do. Emails still written in Hulk-talk. That sort of thing.

6 | 12 | 03

Ask nothing of people and see what they do. Your heart knows the rest. That's given me a lot of peace.

6 | 13 | 03

I tried to buy a house today but someone else got it. It was beautiful.

6 | 14 | 03

the Lithuanians did it again

6 | 15 | 03

Thanks for the news, Mr. Bombshell.

6 | 16 | 03

I'll tell you a secret: I'm a bit of a control freak.

6 | 17 | 03

its been like the ass kicking olympics over here today.
(not as in "kick ass!" but as in my and other asses being kicked rather grand fashion).

6 | 18 | 03

"The Mermaid Parade is this Saturday! Wanna go?"

6 | 19 | 03

I hate email, because I like instant gratification and it seems like it can give me that, but it does NOT give me that. He should respond to me and tell me I am cute and that he wants to kiss me but he is shy and then say he is standing outside my building (in a nice way, not in a "the call from the serial killer is coming from inside the house" kind of way). And yet, somehow in the 10 minutes since I sent him an email, he has not done that. I think that email must get some people (who are bit more likely to jump the gun than I and have less to do day to day) in a LOT of trouble, because I could see writing back in say an hour with: Okay, fine, so you don't respond to my emails. I thought we had something nice happening, I thought we had a moment or something, but I guess not. Well fine, FINE but you will live to regret this you piece of complete SHIT.

6 | 20 | 03

Hey. You missed a really lame new media art opening last night.

6 | 21 | 03

1) I found my umbrella. It was on top of the key cabinet in the office.

2) Creepy guard asked me if I wanted to go dancing with him when I came in the building. I felt bad so I said yes. Actually, he's not a bad dancer.

Okay, that part is not true, I said NO and made a face like he had horns, and I walked briskly away.

6 | 22 | 03

I was feeling so crazappy as the kids say. I am very much hoping that I will be fine by tomorrow, but I am lolling around like a warthog and making the apartment into a sickroom. There was a Full House marathon on TV all day--I win!

6 | 23 | 03

i bet the employees get in free. lord knows after a 12 hour shift pouring molten steel, nothing would help you unwind like fischerspooner.

6 | 24 | 03

i wish i had big enough personalities to not be intimidate by you.

6 | 25 | 03

worlds scariest mug shot

6 | 26 | 03

lost & found

6 | 27 | 03

Thanks for checking in. Things are naturally still kind of rocky - I alternate about 12 hours on top of the world, with 12 hours sucking anaerobic lifeforms off the ocean bottom."

6 | 28 | 03

What color won't the panties be?

6 | 29 | 03

I predict plenty of photo ops.

6 | 30 | 03

hmm, interesting theory.
but i wouldn't be miserable enough, it would never work.

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