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8 | 01 | 03

I don't believe you for a moment about the joking.

8 | 02 | 03

I've been thinking about this a lot for the past day and a half. Look at me, taking homework seriously.

8 | 03 | 03

Anyway, so embarassingly my life is still far from perfect.

8 | 04 | 03

Note today from my father: "Am off tomorrow evening for Albuquerque to talk to the Jicarilla Apache Tribal Council about what it means to them that the Feds set off an underground nuke test next to their land in the 60s."

8 | 05 | 03

I'm both excited and sad at starting this new chapter in my life. So, to suppress these unfamiliar feelings, I think we should get liquored up.

8 | 06 | 03

Hi - Good news! Your Mom found out "the word" I was trying to recall at dinner regarding the stuff-that-goes-in-the-Jewish-prayer-box....and the word is.... philactaries.

8 | 07 | 03

the problem is that it would be one of those things where i'm making a bunch of comments on something i've thought about for an hour and you've thought about for years, so a bunch of stuff would make some sense but not quite and not be compatible with the direction you committed to way back and it will be slightly frustrating and possibly difficult to want to but not have the time to explain to me why what i'm saying kind of makes sense but you can't use it.

8 | 08 | 03

Perhaps grace is an aesthetic quality, while confidence is a psychological one. The figure skater who crashes face-first into the ice but then gets up and keeps going with a smile is graceful. But confidence is what got her out there in the first place. Or...anyone can be confident and butt themselves into the world, but not everyone can do it with tact, style, beauty, etc.

8 | 09 | 03

A strong woman knows she knows everything there is to know, but a woman of strength looks forward to what is left to learn.

8 | 10 | 03

Be informed that a member of the South Africa Export Promotion Council (SEPC) who was at the Government delegation to your country during a trade exhibition gave your enviable credentials/particulars to me.

8 | 11 | 03

I'm a dilettante - I like to do lots of things [at once], learn a new thing for a while, then do something else. There isn't really a category for that on craigslist, y'know?

8 | 12 | 03

What I'm REALLY curious about, to be honest, is some of the perfect asses you see...

8 | 13 | 03

My neck has been a tension bridge as well, but for the past year!

8 | 14 | 03

Blessed sanctuary from the dire personal problems waiting for me back in Oakland.

8 | 15 | 03

a feminist computer originator one's never heard of

8 | 16 | 03

Also, because my laptop is still at the doctor, I don't have everyone's address on hand...

8 | 17 | 03


9 | 18 | 03

European superheroes to the rescue!

8 | 19 | 03

hi jackass - don't you return phone calls, or are we too ivy league

8 | 20 | 03

Not all of you know Robin Hunicke, but she is happy to meet new people, hang out, and of course play board games.

8 | 21 | 03

Ten Years Later
*the worst article about women in CS that I've ever read. -reh

8 | 22 | 03

The only other new sku in the top 50 was Vivendi's Outlaw Volleyball on XBOX at 36th with 22K units.

8 | 23 | 03

I have missed you! A lot!

8 | 24 | 03

mind your manners - remember you represent the family when you go out, get your ticket punched...

8 | 25 | 03

i would tell you what else is new, but it would all be bad.

8 | 26 | 03

For these moments I am suddenly and reverently grateful.

8 | 27 | 03

only after i buy some toner and take some of the yellow out

8 | 28 | 03

I suppose big question for hotel is train nearness, and not be hideous.

8 | 29 | 03

I have some books (literature, philosophy, and classic cs textbooks) i'm trying to get rid stop by my office for your complementary copy of selected Hegel & Sartre works or that Tanenbaum OS book.

8 | 30 | 03

Travel safely...don't buy any steel-toed shoes.

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