the original bnc sculpture consisted of 13 separate connectors, which my friend mouser had collected over time. outcasts, leftovers - he gave them a shiny, twisty, arty home.

and then he gave them to me.

as much as i loved the sculpture, i felt bad haveing deprived my friend of his hard-won geek art. so, in a flash of inspiration, i ventured into the vaults of northwestern's computer science department, in an attempt to find the makings of a companion sculpture.

imagine my surprise and delight when i found not 10, not 20, but over 100 bnc connectors - all ripe for harvest!

faced with the opportunity to repay a friend's kindness ten fold, what did i do? i hoarded them all for myself and built the bnc strip!

the bnc strip grows all the time - most recent contributor: ayman, who donated several connectors from SIGGRAPH '04!

statistics connectors