Tournament Mode


  1. What is Tournament Mode?
  2. Why Was Tournament Mode Created?
  3. Starting A Tournament

What is Tournament Mode?

Tournament mode is a simple way to pit two FlexBot behaviors against one another. Tournament mode works only in co-operative multi-play mode and automatically loads the appropriate behaviors for each team's bots. When tournament mode is invoked, all bots on one team are loaded with the first behavior, while the other team is loaded with the second behavior.

Why Was Tournament Mode Created?

Tournament mode was created as a shortcut for starting a co-operative game between two unique FlexBot behaviors. It is also a convenient method for determining whether changes to an exiting behavior are helpful.

Starting A Tournament

A FlexBot tournament can be started by using the "bot tournament behavior1 behavior2" command where "behavior 1" is the name of the behavior for the first team and "behavior 2" is the name of the second team. A tournament can also be started using the menu system. The teams will be automatically loaded with the appropriate behaviors. Note that behavior DLL filenames cannot have any spaces in them if they are to be used in tournament mode.