Creating a FlexBot Behavior


  1. Introduction
  2. Behavior Template using C++
  3. Actuators
  4. Sensors
  5. Directions in FlexBot


A behavior defines the movement and action characteristics of a bot. Without being given a behavior, a bot will do nothing but stand motionless. FlexBot behaviors are defined within DLL files, which are dynamically loaded at run-time.

FlexBot behaviors can be developed quickly and easily using the provided C++ template code. The template compiles to a DLL, which can then be dropped into the behaviors directory to make it available for use in-game.

Behavior Template using C++

See the page Behavior Template using C++ for more information.


See the page Actuators for more information.


See the page Sensors for more information.

Directions in FlexBot

See the page Directions in FlexBot for more information.