FlexBot CS

Running bots in Counter-Strike

How will FlexBot CS allow bots to be run in Counter-Strike games?

FlexBot for Counter-Strike is implemented using the open-source framework provided by Botman's HPB template. Botman has developed a method for writing bots for closed-source Half-Life MOD's, such as Counter-Strike. In a nutshell, this is accomplished by creating a "middle-man" MOD that sits between the Half-Life engine and the original MOD.

If you would like more information on technical aspects of this approach, the ReadMe.txt included with Botman's HPB template source code download provides an extremely detailed description of the process.

How does FlexBot CS differ from the HPB template upon which it is based?

Although FlexBot CS utilizes the basic hooks into the MOD system that are provided in the HPB template, the two systems have different goals. The HPB template provides a framework for developers to work with the guts of the Half-Life system while building a single bot's behavior into the compiled system. FlexBot CS eliminates the need to work with the system's internals, instead providing a well-defined API for users to quickly develop small control programs that can be dynamically loaded at run-time.