The Big Brother Game Veiwer is a simple and processor inexpensive way to monitor half-life games running the FlexBot mod. The monitoring system is a collection of small peices of software tha gather serve, and display the informamtioon that is gathered from a flexbot server.

the system has three componts:
The FlexMonitor Module this is the peice of code that iterfaces withe the flexbot engine to providethe server with the stream of information
The BigBrother Server this is a small perl script that implements a limited cache and provides the ablitly to have multipule users viewing one game at once
The Big Brother Flash Viewer this is the actaully gui, and the usable part of the system, lthis uses flash XML sockets to connect to the perl server and receive the game information

Just The Viewer BigBrother.swf
The Whole System


The Game Veiwer: