Preregistration Advising

I travel a lot, which means that finding me physically is difficult, but finding me via email is vastly easier. Therefore, when possible, I prefer to discuss your course plan with you over email.

To discuss via email

Send me an email at with the set of courses you want to take, or with any questions you may have, and we can work it out by email.

To talk face to face

If you need to talk face to face during advising week, please email me at (and copy in order to schedule an appointment.  And please, if you need to talk to me about issues that are more comfortable for you face to face, don't limit yourself to preregistration week.

Registration FAQ

Thanks to Ian Horswill for the original version of this FAQ.

What CS courses can I take?

Please check the Undergraduate Study Manual

What's required for the major?

This information is also available from the Undergraduate Study Manual

I'm a McCormick student; What should I take for basic engineering?

Students must take five courses that meet the following requirements.

• EECS 211 – Fundamentals of Computer Programming II must be taken. This course is in the area “Computer Programming”

• EECS 302 – Probabilistic Systems and Random Signals, IEMS 201 – Introduction to Statistics, or IEMS 303 – Statistics I must be taken. These courses are in the area “Probability, Statistics, and Process Control”.

• Three additional courses from McCormick’s Basic Engineering List (3 courses from at least two areas, excluding those covered by EECS 211 and 302). We recommend choosing from the following courses to meet this requirement:

o EECS 202 – Introduction to Electrical Engineering (Area “Electrical Science”) EECS Undergraduate Study Manual 36 9/3/13

o EECS 203 – Introduction to Computer Engineering (Area “Computer Architecture and Numerical Methods”)

o EECS 222 – Fundamentals of Signals and Systems (Area “Electrical Science”) o EECS 328 – Numerical Methods for Engineers (Area “Computer Architecture and Numerical Methods”)

I'm a McCormick student; Should I have filled out my theme form by now?

Yes. It's also in your best interest. If you don't then they may disallow some theme course that you've already taken, which would be a bummer. Also, they eventually refuse to let you register at all until you fill the form in.

I'm a Weinberg student, do I need to see you at all?

In a word, no--unlike in McCormick, you don't need an advisor's signature at registration time.  But again, if you'd like advice, by all means contact me, as per the above.

What happens once we decide what I'm taking?

You will log into the McCormick Advising System (MAS) and add your courses to your study plan. I will then log in and approve the courses and your registration hold will be lifted within two business days.

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