Setting up SHAKEN on your machine

  1. Download the zip archive from the course Blackboard.  The file you want is
    and is 42.7 MB in size.
  2. Unzip this archive under some reasonable location, e.g., c:\program files.  Be sure to use folder names, because you need to have directory structure in the archive replicated for proper operation.
  3. Create a directory called patches under <where you installed SHAKEN>\aic\rkf\3.0\ and copy the file rkf-3-0-patches.lisp into it.  This file fixes a couple of known bugs.
  4. The file to run is <where you installed SHAKEN>\aic\rkf\3.0\rkf-runtime-acl-win.exe.  You may want to create a shortcut to your desktop or somewhere on your start menu, for future convenience.
  5. When you execute this file, it starts the SHAKEN server console.  At this console, type
    Please note: the use of "::" verus ":" is important.  If you don't know the Common Lisp package system, "::" means that the symbol start-server is internal, not external, in the rkf package.  You'll notice it says something like
    [1] CL-USER(2): (rkf::start-server)
    (Checking of `sanity-check' constraints is already switched off)

    Should have SERVER running on http://JOHNNY5:8200 ...
    [1] CL-USER(3):
    At this point the server is running and waiting for you to connect.
  6. Fire up your favorite web browser and use the URL http://localhost:8200 to connect to the SHAKEN server.  For convenience, you probably want to bookmark this URL.
  7. Log into SHAKEN.  The name "Guest" works, as well as several others. 
  8. You'll find the View Documentation link handy (although these installation instructions supercede what is listed there), since it has a lot of background materials and relevant tutorials.  If you want to look over the documentation without starting the SHAKEN server, you can also find it under
        <wherever you unpacked SHAKEN>\aic\rkf\3.0\docs\user-docs\shaken-index.html
  9. Experiment and explore!

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