10/29/03: Take a walk on the Dark Side

Consider the following simple story:

“Harry desperately wanted to win the Quidditch match. Knowing this, Malfoy stole Harry’s broom. Harry, Hermione, and Ron frantically roamed through Hogwart’s, looking everywhere. Finally Ron found the broom. They kept its return secret until the start of the match. Gryffindor won.”

The events in the story can be represented as minimally as feasible, since by now you already know how to create reasonable event representations. Our focus here is on representing the motivations, intentions, and feelings of the participants. Your representation of these factors in the story should be rich enough that someone could retrieve answers from your representation to the following questions for each event in the story:

  1. How does X feel about Y?
  2. Why does X do Y?
  3. What caused event E?

What groups produced in class:

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