Homework Zero

Assigned: 9/24/03
Due: 10/1/03, noon
Code to use in subject line:  HW0

Things to do:

Install OpenCyc on the machine you will use to work with it.  (If you have a notebook that will run it that you can bring to class, so much the better.  You will find versions for Windows and Linux at www.opencyc.org. Make sure that you learn how to do the basic operations that one needs to get started.  These are:

Hint: Be sure that you have administrator status on the machine you install it on, or install it in a directory where you can write files, in order to save transcripts. 

Please turn in the following:

  1. Comment on any problems you had in getting set up and suggestions for how to make it better.  (We'll collate and pass them on to the Cyc folks, so that future versions can be better.)
  2. Turn in the transcript that you generated to save the knowledge that you entered, as an attachment to your email.


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