Computer Science CS 395/495, Section 24
Knowledge Representation
Fall 2003

Where and when: 
Location: Large CS Classroom 
Time: Wednesday 5:00--7:50 PM

Ken Forbus 
Computer Science Department
1890 Maple Avenue, Room 300; for course related matters please use
(847) 491-7699 
Office hours: By appointment

Teaching Assistant:
Praveen Paritosh
Computer Science Department
1890 Maple Avenue, Room 302; for course related matters please use
(847) 491-7698 
Office hours: By appointment


  • 9/30/03: Homework Zero updated to describe what you need to turn in.
  • 9/25/03: Due to some technical glitches, we're postponing starting on SHAKEN for a week or two.  Just focus on OpenCyc for now.  The first homework assignment has been changed accordingly.
  • 12/8/03: What you need to include in your term project report is described here.

Course Description:  One of the most exciting frontiers in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science today is knowledge representation.  Building software that can understand more about the world is essential for data mining, the Semantic Web, moving beyond purely statistical approaches to natural language processing and information retrieval, and for modeling the kind of conceptual processing that is the hallmark of human cognition.  This course provides hands-on experience in representing knowledge.  To do this, we will operate in a studio style of instruction: Most of our meetings will be spent tackling representation problems.  Off-the-shelf tools will be used to provide a foundation of material to start with, and the inference machinery needed to test the representations that we build.  Grading will be based on homework assignments related to the work done in class, plus a project.

Prerequisites:  CS 348 or CS 325 or equivalent AI experience.

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