EECS 344 Homework

When turning in homework assignments:

1.      Please use the appropriate homework code in the subject line, and always send it to the class email list, not to me personally. 

2.      Please include your code as an attachment. 


Homework 1:

Assigned 1/10/08, due 1/17/08:

•         Reading: BPS, chapters 4 & 5

•         Problem 9, page 65.  Turn in just the final system, plus the call you used to invoke it to solve part (c).


Homework 2:

Assigned 1/17/08, due 1/29/08:

•         Problems 17 and 18, page 148

–        Remember, a few minutes of thought can save days of hacking

•         Reading: Chapters 6, 7, & 8


Homework 3:

Assigned 1/24/08, due 2/5/08, by start of class:

·         Problem 3, page 258

·         Problem 4, page 259

·         Reading: Chapters 9 & 10

Please use


as the subject line of your message, sent to the usual place.  Include as attachments the JTRE source files that you changed – and only the ones you changed – for both problems.  The body of the message should explain, for both problems,


1.      Your explanation of what you did.  This must include your analysis of what the problem is and why your solution is a reasonable one (or perhaps the only good one). 

2.      How you tested it to ensure that it worked correctly.


Homework 4:

Assigned 1/31/08, due 2/12/08, by start of class

·         Reading: Chapter 11

·         Problem 7(b), page 343


Please use


as the subject line of your message, sent to the usual place.  Include as attachments just your cryptarithmetic solver, including your test files.  The body of the message should include

1.      How your solver works, including explanations for your design decisions, and any experiments you did to figure out what the best design choices were.

2.      Your solver’s output on the following examples:


   SEND       DONALD    FIFTY     BASE   

 + MORE     + GERALD + STATES   + BALL  

 ---------- --------  -------    -----



Hints: Think hard about representation first.  Squeeze as much information out as possible when making each assumption. 

Optional: For background, see 


Homework 5:

Assigned 2/5/08, due 2/12/08, by start of class

Term project proposal, as discussed in class.


Homework 6:

Assigned 2/14/08, due 2/21/08, by start of class.  Please use HW6 as the subject line.

·         Reading: Chapters 12 and 14. 

·         Problems 3 and 13, Chapter 11.

·         Extra credit: Problem 10

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