CS 370 FAQ

Overall structure of the course

Q: What do the prerequisites mean?

A: The prerequisites as listed in the catalog are CS-311, plus at least one of CS-322, CS-343, CS-348, or CS-351.  What we're looking for is experience and maturity.  You will be doing a lot of design work and programming in this course, so the more experience the better.

Q: Do I need to know <insert your favorite technology here> for this course?

A: Broad programming experience is important, as is good taste in software design.  Having played games also helps (a lot).  This is not a trade school course, where we teach you the tool de jour in the industry.  What you will be learning is more fundamental than that.  The tools you will be using for assignments will be provided.  The tools you use for your term project are up to you and your team.

Q: Why aren't there incompletes in this course?

A: If you have some personal tragedy or verifiable serious illness, of course something can be arranged.  However, learning self-organization and time-management skills are among the most powerful things you can attain in your education, and teaching those is part of what we do.  Besides, you wouldn't want to miss the chance to show off what you can do publicly during the party, would you? 

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