Homework Six

Assigned 5/6/04, due noon 5/13/04
Code for subject line of message when turning in: HW6
File name for the file to turn in: <your last name>-HW6.doc

Build a small quest using the Siege Editor of Dungeon Siege.  As we discussed in class, your map must include


To keep things tractable, be minimal: Aim for a 10-15 minute experience.   Your goal here is to tell a very simple short story, not create the next expansion pack!


What to turn in this week:

  1. A word document describing your plans for the quest, explaining your design choices so far.
  2. A .dsmap file that contains the terrain you intend to use in your quest.  You do not need to have all of your objects or your NPC(s) in place, just the terrain is fine for this week. 


To help you plan your time, the final version of your quest will be due on May 27th

Please remember that next week are the term project progress presentations.  You will be expected to turn in your Power Point presentations on May 20th.


Note: Since there have been email problems as well as potential size issues in files turned in, we may use Blackboard for turning in this assignment.  Stay tuned…



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