Homework Two

Assigned 4/3/03, due noon 4/10/03

As discussed in class on Thursday, you will write a work of interactive fiction. This assignment is the first of two steps in that process. What you will turn in on Thursday is:

  1. Your story bible. It must include a description of the setting and any associated lore, the plot structure, a map, and a list of objects and NPC’s that you expect to need. This should take the form of a Word document or a self-contained zip archive with HTML and all necessary supporting files
  2. Inform source code implementing some of your story. This must include partial implementations for all of the locations in your story and some of the objects. (Descriptions can be what is called “placeholder art” in the trade, for example.) Your code must compile in Inform and execute in Frotz.
  3. The .Z5 file produced by the Inform compiler based on your source code.

We expect of course that your story bible and code will evolve as you finish the game, so this is a snapshot, not the final version. But, as with any complex project, setting up and hitting intermediate milestones is one of the secrets of success. This is one of the kinds of milestones used in game development.
Some hints regarding your story:

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