Homework Three

Assigned 4/10/03, due noon 4/17/03

The purpose of this assignment is to finish your interactive fiction short story.  Please remember that your story will be played by your classmates, and consequently it has to be turned in on-time and it has to work.  What you will need to turn in is:

1. A Z-code executable (.z5 or similar, playable via Frotz)
2. The Inform source code for your game that was used to create the executable.
3. A walkthrough of your game.  This should include at least a/the "winning" path, but can include others at your discretion.  (Hint: If you use the transcript facility of Frotz, you can easily create a transcript of the interaction that can edited down to produce a walk-through.  You don't want the game's responses to show in the walk-through, since that would be even more of a spoiler.)

Please turn in your work in the form of a Zip archive, where the three files above are stored in a subdirectory based on your first initial and last name.  For instance, the directory for something I turned in would be k_forbus.  This will help us keep track of your work more easily.  


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