Homework Six

Assigned 5/1/03, due 5/8/03

As we discussed in class, AI is a make-or-break issue in creating enjoyable strategy games.  In the following two assignments, you are going to modify the strategy AI in Age of Kings to produce two new computer opponents with distinctive personalities:

In producing these AIs, you will not be starting from scratch.  Your goal is to start with the standard Age of Kings AI, analyze how they work, and based on that analysis make the minimal necessary changes to implement these personalities.  To help you get you started, we have created sets of files for Fang and Peacenik by copying the Age of Kings AI files and changing the file names appropriately.  Since you are starting with Ensemble Studio's work, please make sure you cite them appropriately in the comments of your code.  

This week, you will need to turn in:

Some hints:

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