Homework Seven

Assigned 5/8/03, due 5/15/03

In this assignment you are going to continue working on strategy AI for Age of Kings. The goal is to produce a new personality - Peacenik

The agent will rely almost entirely on the power of religion.  That is, the only mobile units that Peacenik can build are villagers and monks.  No watchtowers allowed either.  The idea is that this civilization will not sully itself with fighting.  (The folks doing the shooting when the town center defends itself are hired from other less enlightened civilizations.)  If monks convert a solider, who then chooses to use the skills of his prior life in the service of Truth and Light, then clearly it was meant to be.  

Just as last time, you should start from a standard AI script, and build on it. The starter files can be downloaded here.

You will need to turn in:

Some hints:

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