Homework Four

Assigned 4/17/03, due noon 4/24/03

You will be assigned two works of interactive fiction written by your classmates. Your job is to play them and, based on your experience, review them. Based on the reviews, some of the games and their evaluations will then be posted on the class web site for public download.

Your target audience are other gamers -- familiar with the genres and the technology, but looking to you for guidance on which games to try. Your readers want to learn more about particular titles, and your job is to elucidate which ones are worth playing, and why.

In each review, we would like you to:

Here are some of the issues you may find useful to address in your exposition (you don't have to address all of them, of course):

Each review should be around 500 words. Please turn them in as Microsoft Word format documents.

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